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This option is available to you if you want the fastest relief from one or more painful conditions and if no qualified practitioner is available to you, nearby -- or if you have a condition for which we expect you to find it difficult get relief with somatic exercises, alone.
Lawrence Gold and Client in Session
Lawrence Gold and Client in Session
"Cause Your Pain to Vanish" means that pain is COMPLETELY GONE for the foreseeable future. (Rarely do sessions need repetition.)

"Renovate Your Body" means you get back the strength, posture and mobility you had 10 to 20 years ago (or better).

Improvements come immediately during sessions, and you'll be able to feel them part-way into the first working session; improvements continue to accumulate as sessions progress. If you're like most people, you find that you feel and function BETTER THAN BEFORE your injury.

If you have a severe condition that has persisted or returned despite standard or alternative therapy, and you are both hopeful and skeptical about the likelihood of your recovery of movement health, a consultation by telephone will enable us to arrive at a clear, "yes-or-no" decision as to whether clinical somatic education is right for you.

Lawrence Gold and Client in Session
Lawrence Gold and Client in Session
You get:
  • up to three one-hour sessions per day for five days, which cause very substantial and lasting improvements by any current standards.

    Sessions consist of

    • functional assessment of posture, movement, and muscular state -- related to history of injuries and current pain status

    • methodical and systematic application of "The Whole-Body yawn" (assisted pandiculation) and other techniques of clinical somatic education

    • and instruction in applicable somatic exercises.

  • pre-recorded, do-at-home somatic exercise instruction that preserve improvements through any possible post-session soreness, enhance the improvements achieved during sessions, and enable you to keep yourself pain-free for good

  • unlimited coaching by telephone during the 5-day service period and for one month thereafter (generally to refine practice of somatic exercises)

If you get what you need before five days, you may deem service completed; the full standard fee applies. You may allocate unused session-hours to family members or friends; however, any recorded somatic exercise programs desired by others must be paid for separately.


Please schedule promptly to minimize the waiting period, as I schedule strictly "first come, first served" and take no other clients during at-location service periods.

Lawrence Gold and Client in Session
Lawrence Gold and Client in Session


  • (my location) $3,000.00
      Results Guarantee: Fee waived or refunded, upon request.

  • (your location) $5,000.00 -- payable in advance
      Results Guarantee: Fee waived or refunded, upon request, less travel expenses.


    This guarantee presumes that you have done your part in good faith -- including diligent practice of somatic exercises and post-service follow-up consultations, if needed -- with 30 days for you to evaluate the results. Do the work, expect the results. I do.


    All candidates for this special service complete an application form

    and pay a $100.00 deposit, which includes the cost of a consultation by telephone ($50.00/half-hour), a necessary preliminary. This deposit is applied against (deducted from) the SERVICE FEE, if we work together, or refunded (less $50.00 for the consultation) if I decline to take you as a client.

    Incomplete applications or applications submitted without the application fee will not be considered.

    Please submit completed application and deposit (personal check acceptable) payable to:

    Lawrence Gold | Somatics

    For service at your location, you arrange lodging (away from your residence) and a workspace (including a treatment table), since I probably don't know the geography of your locality.

    People who have gone the gamut of standard and alternative therapies and still been trapped in their painful condition have usually found clinical somatic education is their way out.

  • special at-location service
    Paid Consultation by telephone

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