Lorenzo's Vector

A Look into the Other Side of the Looking Glass

Transcendent communications
guide interest toward, affirm and confirm
the growth of life and consciousness!

They help you to aim your attention;
they help you to exercise your intention.

-- Lorenzo Vincent Aurelius --

Having followed this vector, what might be here for you? Perhaps words that say what you've always felt, but never said or thought to say? Perhaps something you've never thought you would ever hear anyone say, because you've never heard anyone say it? Perhaps communications about things you've never thought about, but that are obvious when you look at them?

DISCLAIMER: Language depends upon the experience of the listener for its meaning. Any communication found herein is entirely subject to the interpretation of the reader. If you, the reader, are "at the edge" of a realization, you may have the experience of apprehending the meaning of a particular communication made here; if not, you may find the communication boring, meaningless, hard to understand, intellectually interesting but not particularly actionable, or just plain irritating. On the other hand, you may find it irritatingly obvious. Therefore, the writer makes no warranty as to the mechantability or fitness of these communications for any given purpose. This disclaimer may or may not apply in California, or anywhere else, for that matter. Readers are invited to direct inquiries to their self-nature before seeking answers from external sources! For training in inquiring into ones self-nature, contact the writer.)

Knowledge is a treasured concept, an icon, or perhaps a sacred cow, of our times.

Beneath the surface, deeper in ourselves, beneath our mind and senses, lie the underpinnings of what we take to be knowledge. These underpinnings are the workings of our own consciousness at a primal level, so familiar as to be unnoticed. The items and issues of our life are indications of what has our attention and what our intentions are in ordinary life. To one or another degree, we have the ability to remove our attention and to move it as and where we will -- perhaps into the mysterious unknown!

Human beings are beset by a kind of amnesia, or perhaps a chronic state of distraction, that veils those underpinnings. For those with the curiosity into their own workings, these words may attract attention into a direction such that an insightful perception may arise -- followed by the arousal of the interest and the will to move in new directions!

Subversive? Hogwash? Possibly... or just plain waggish.

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