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Somatic Education

A Great Body Resource for Teen Girls by Mrs. Kellys 5th Grade Class

Media and Body Image

Carlsbad Center for Awareness
A wellness center offering the following modalities: Hanna Somatic Education - private and group lessons; Core Energetic psychotherapy; Ayurvedic massage; Watsu - aquatic bodywork; private and group yoga/meditation sessions.

Dellegrotte Somatic Education

More Self Esteem Tips
A popular site that will help you build your self esteem and become so much more confident.

Equine Somatics
A new method for addressing pain, movement, posture/conformation and behaviour related issues.

Somatic Living
Incorporating the techniques of Hanna Somatic Education (HSE), a new method for reversing pain associated with injury and stress by way slow and naturally occurring movements.

International Somatic Movement Educator and Therapy Association
We are a registry for Somatic Movement educators and therapists, supporting training programs and legislation that promote the field. With over a dozen member organizations and a listing of certified practictioners, ISMETA is an important force in serving both public awareness of the field, conference programs and standards and practice guidelines for this growing field of movement education and therapy.

Alexander Technique Associates
Alexander Technique Associates - Australia. Highly rated in-depth information about the Alexander Technique. Lessons, courses, teachers and professional development training.

Alexander Technique Boston - Adam Bailey

Alexander Technique Center of Texas
The Alexander Technique is a movement education process which guides self-discovery and improvement in over-all use of your body. This site provides information useful for improving everyday body coordination, ease and comfort in movement, and specialized performance activities.

Alexander Technique In London - Michelle Cole
A series of lessons in The Alexander Technique can be of benefit to everybody, as well as help address fundamental causes of back pain, RSI, tension, stress related disorders.... A series of lessons in The Alexander Technique can be of benefit to everybody, as well as help address fundamental causes of back pain, RSI, tension, stress related disorders....

Direction - A Journal On The Alexander Technique
Alexander Technique, direction journal, back issues, books, video, on spine, physiology, posture, general health, Alexander Technique database and links.

The Alexander Technique Dance Home Page
The Alexander Technique Dance website

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique
The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique. This web site provides a systematic guide to all Alexander Technique information and resources - both on and off the Internet.

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Title: Somatics on the Web
Description: the largest and most complete access point to information about, and practitioners of, clinical somatic education, a new category of treatment of musculo-skeletal injuries and stress-related pain - freedom of movement, freedom from pain, confidence in recovery, and reduction of susceptibility to repeated injury. For persistent complaints that have resisted standard methods. Access to practitioners, self-help programs for pain relief.
URL: https://www.somatics.com

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