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This site may have what you need for a faster, final recovery from pain -- information that actually makes sense, self-renewal instruction for lasting results you can feel, and attentive personal mentoring -- all with a lifetime satisfaction refund guarantee.

Even if some conventional and alternative therapies haven't worked, this method typically causes pain from an injury to disappear and stay gone, and healthy functioning to return completely and durably.

Clinical somatic education reliably gets large, durable improvements quite a bit more quickly than most other approaches get small, temporary improvements.

One of the problems I seem to be running into is that people may be so used to therapies that take forever or produce results that don't last that they assume that clinical somatic education can't be "that much better"; they may jump to the conclusion that I exaggerate and so am not to be trusted. They may view my claim as not credible, or as, "pretty bold".

From my perspective, my claim of efficacy of this approach isn't, "pretty bold"; it's pretty accurate and factual based on years of experience of many practitioners with widely ranging conditions that have persisted despite previous therapeutic efforts. I make efforts to write most clearly and precisely, not to exaggerate to any degree.

It may be that people are conditioned to accept the performance of the best-known or most authoritative treatment approaches (which is not that great, or you wouldn't be here) as pretty close to what might be possible with any a new approach -- better, but not that much better -- and quite possibly not as good. To that frame of mind, anyone claiming to do anything that works vastly better must be exaggerating, and therefore, dishonest and worthy of dismissal. But what if it is as I say it is?


A Growing Trend

People who have not gotten what they needed from a sports medicine doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor or alternative health care provider -- and who have gotten what they needed from clinical somatic education, have frequently asked, "Why isn't this better known?" I've had to say that I don't know, but maybe it's because the hardest thing to change is a mind -- especially the mind of someone in pain. People in pain want to avoid risk and they tend to go for what they already know about. Unfortunately, what they already know about hasn't worked for them.

Desperation drives them to seek further, and they may take a chance with me. Sometimes, their health provider refers them to me. These are the people who then ask, "Why isn't this better known?"

Clinical somatic education works quickly and effectively, for most people. They improve and soon leave their somatic education practitioners -- for a self-sufficient life without us.

Highly respected health care professionals endorse Hanna somatic education®, the method presented here.

What to Expect

Here's what you should expect from clinical somatic education:

  • to get you into the fast-lane to long-term relief from pain.
  • to resume progress healing injuries labelled, "chronic" or "permanent and stationary".
  • eliminate trigger points and the need for pain meds, muscle relaxants, stretching, or massage therapy.
  • to improve balance, mobility and physical comfort even in the aged.
  • to restore energy taxed away by pain.
  • to enable you to come back to your life, again, whole.

Developing for more than a century under researchers into mind-brain-body development (F.M. ALEXANDER, M. FELDENKRAIS, H. SELYE, A.F. FRAZIER, T. HANNA, and others -- click for article) somatic education relieves the pain and restores the mobility lost from trauma, repetitive motion, and stress. Using the brain's capacity for neurological learning ("brain plasticity"), the field of somatics is bringing breakthroughs in human development, pain management, movement rehab, athletic training and sports medicine.

Health care costs too much and, with chronic pain, works too slowly. Do you agree?

The fault lies with treating the body as a "marvellous machine". We're not machines. We feel and we get changed by experiences. Most chronic pain comes from bad brain conditioning caused by the pain and stress of injury. It's not "psychological", but "psycho-physiological" -- somatic.

Which program? Click here.

Clinical somatic education is a "high-touch/low-tech", breakthrough in brain-body conditioning. That means it works better -- faster, more comfortably, and more durably -- than treatments done to you -- and it works for most everyone. You may look at it as a guided self-reprogramming of your muscular control that frees you from the residual grip of injury. Muscles relax and comfort returns -- usually to a better-than-pre-injury condition. It's so reliable that I guarantee results.




If you've been getting treatment for pain for a long time and aren't getting better, aren't getting better fast enough, or if different doctors have given different diagnoses and you've "tried everything" without satisfactory improvement; if you fear that you may have to live that way for the rest of your life, clinical somatic education is probably for you. If you've been drained and slowed down by pain and stiffness, if you have forgotten what it feels like to feel good and move well and now you hope only to reduce or manage your pain, clinical somatic education is likely to far exceed your hopes and expectations.

Clinical somatic education is for people ready to participate actively in their own healing, ready to learn -- who have lost faith in, or patience with, the medical system and are taking matters into their own hands -- and for health care practitioners looking for something more than the standard modalities, to help their patients.

Here, you'll find more than emotional support or explanations of the causes of pain and movement disorders and how difficult they are to treat; you'll find a way to end your own pain definitively (and help if you need it), to recover your capacity for healthy activity in a reasonably short period of time, at your preferred standard of movement health (or better).

There exists a well-defined process in which you actively participate, with obvious (i.e., blatant), cumulative, and lasting improvements accumulating at each step, until you're done. Typically, five-to-ten clinical sessions are needed, about once weekly. If you're working with a self-relief (somatic education exercise) program, results come more gradually, but distinctly.

Injuries and Pain Reflexes | to articles

Injuries, shocks, and pain trigger changes to postural reflexes that rob us of muscular control and cause pain and stiffness to linger long after the injury has healed; we tighten up; we lose the ability to relax tight muscles and to move freely in certain ways.

Tight muscles hurt, compress joints and trap nerves. People commonly confuse the resulting pain with the pain of the original injury, but it's from the aftermath of injury: changes of muscular activity (postural reflexes).

Without retraining, people often stay that way indefinitely.  You know: "He was never the same, after that." Many people have had that experience; just watch how people move in public places and notice how many people stand and move in ungainly ways often mistaken for the effects of ageing.

What's been lacking in most therapeutic approaches (<== click for comparisons) is the ability to deal effectively with these shock-and-injury reflexes and the muscle tension and pain they cause, and a way people can keep themselves well without professional help.

A Promise | to conditions helped

Rapid, reliable, and enduring pain relief with full recovery of function is the promise made good, here.

Many people who have unsuccessfully undergone physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy and various forms of bodywork, osteopathy, neurosurgery, et al., have found clinical somatic education to be a successful last resort with relief of pain and recovery of free movement for more than nine out of ten people.

Even if you've had a problem for a long time, time is not a factor. You can have your life back -- in recreation and athletics, at work, at home and in the bedroom -- in short, in any situation where you need free and easy movement to exercise, lift and carry a heavy box, get into a car, sleep comfortably, or move comfortably from position to position.

How it Happens | more description

The key to recovery is your recapturing control of muscles tightened by reflexes triggered by injury or nervous tension. The tension eases, pain fades, and you feel immediate changes in your ease of movement. You feel different -- and more like yourself -- or (more often) end up better than you were, before injury. You gain your independence from therapy and therapists.

Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it,

nor in traditions because they are old and have been handed down from generation to generation and in many locations,

nor in rumor because it has been spoken by many,

nor in writings by sages because sages wrote them,

nor in ones own fancies, thinking that it is such an extraordinary thought, it must have been inspired by God or a higher power,

nor in inferences drawn from some haphazard assumption made by us,

nor in what seems to be of necessity by analogy,

nor in anything merely because it is based on the authority of our teachers, masters, and elders.

However, after thorough investigation, observation, analysis and reflection, when you find that anything agrees with reason and your experience, and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, and of the world at large; accept only that as true, and shape your life in accordance with it; and live up to it.

~~ Gautama Siddhartha Shakyamuni

The proof of the pudding is in . . . . .

"Somatic" (from the ancient Greek word, "soma": "the whole living, aware, bodily person") means, "pertaining to the body experienced and controlled from within." "Education" means "the developing of your natural faculties."

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