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Patients, Patience, and Impatience

Hello, again, Folks, Today, I speak of a peculiar paradox of somatic education — something expressed in a Tibetan saying I heard, recently:  “When things are urgent, go slower.” People in pain have a certain urgency.  No surprise. In their … Continue reading

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Palpation — One of a Somatic Educator’s Essential Techniques

Thomas Hanna said that palpation — gathering information by touch — is a lost art among medical professionals, and that we, his students, would become masters of it. In the process of Hanna somatic education, palpation isn’t just done at … Continue reading

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Understanding SacroIliac Joint Pain, Stopping the Pain and Weird Symptoms

Sacroiliac joint syndrome includes many symptoms.  This article is about that condition, also called, sacroileitis, sacral torsion, turned sacrum, sprained S-I joint, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and sacroiliac (S-I) joint pain. It explains what you need to correct it and it … Continue reading

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The Somatic Codes

There is a special meaning for that term — The Somatic Codes. It’s more akin to Morse Code than it is to the Codes of Hammurabi.  However there is virtue to it that would potentize the Codes of Hammurabi, if … Continue reading

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Getting to Sleep and Out of The Big Squeeze of Stress

This entry provides an alternative to sleeping pills. It’s for you if: you have insomnia — either chronic or occasional you’ve experienced the downside of taking a drug to get to sleep you want a natural alternative you’re able to … Continue reading

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