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Regrow Cartilage

QUESTION from a reader who asks how to regrow/repair cartilage: “Hi Lawrence. Do you have any information of how to 1) repair or regrow cartilage in the joints, hips specifically, and 2) how to eliminate bone spurs? I’m having great … Continue reading

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Mainstreaming Hanna Somatic Education, part 2

What would happen if Somatics went mainstream? Some people are concerned that we couldn’t meet the demand resulting from mainstream attention and that Hanna somatic education would then, somehow, “look bad”.  At worst, people would end up on our waiting … Continue reading

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Full-Spectrum Somatics

There’s a misconception that the field of somatics is about the body and limited to the senses and control of movement.  That misconception leaves people with the view that the mind, or consciousness, is outside the field of somatics and … Continue reading

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