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Free Your Psoas Walking into the Floor, Walkthrough 2014 2 17

Walking Into the Floor is the third somatic education exercise of the self-relief program, Free Your Psoas. This exercise coordinates and frees the psoas muscles, front of the thighs, and back muscles in movement patterns similar to walking. It integrates … Continue reading

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New Gentle Spine Waves | for back pain | to elongate your spine

This somatic education exercise progressively develops control of the back muscles, and so relieves the pain caused by excessive tension. It’s relaxing. You should expect to feel changes in how you feel lying down, changes of back curvature, after the … Continue reading

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The Inside of SuperPandiculation | Evolutionary Integration (?)

The SuperPandiculation Technique when applied within oneself either in somatic education exercises or in The Gold Key Release or Memory-Matrix Integration Ritual invokes or makes possible a series of internally generated awakenings, releases and self-corrections. When applied in highly integrative … Continue reading

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