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Nose in the Hole | from Comfort Your S-I Joints

preliminary publication | no audio Nose in the Hole | Clinical Somatic Education | a New Discipline in the Field of Health Care Add your comment — what you would like to ask or tell.

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Standing Right-Left Integration | Comfort Your S-I Joints | Postural Self-Correction

 You will need to do this movement upon completion of all practice sessions, when doing Comfort Your S-I Joints. Its purpose is to move you into a better condition of balance, right-to-left and front-to back. You spontaneously elongate (stand taller) … Continue reading

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Managing Ageing Successfully Means Continuing to Mature Well | accumulated muscular tension

Somatic Education Exercises for Aging Exceptionally Well by Lawrence Gold Personal Page Certified Hanna somatic educator Popular belief holds that the pains and stiffness of aging are inevitable and to be expected: that aging results from time passing. “You’re just … Continue reading

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