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Somatic Education Exercises | potent combinations

In this entry, I present some combinations of somatic exercises that have special potency in changing tension-and-movement patterns — preceded by a bit of explanation. EXPLANATION Anyone practicing somatic education should be familiar with — and use — the power … Continue reading

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Muscle Memory isn’t Muscle Memory

Let’s get straight to the point:  muscles have no memory that controls their activity.  Muscle memory (more properly, movement memory) resides in the brain, a product of brain-conditioning, i.e., learning. Patterns of muscular tension result from that conditioning, acquired by … Continue reading

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The Gyroscopic Walk

The Gyroscopic Walk is a form of “super-walking” — a high-efficiency walking pattern that gives you more walking speed at less effort and that integrates your whole-body movements so you feel more free in movement, better balanced and better put … Continue reading

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Freeing Tight Hamstrings

To free tight hamstrings, it’s important to understand their four movement functions. leg extension at the hip joint leg flexion at the knee rotation of the lower leg at the knee joint stabilization of the pelvis when bending forward To free hamstrings, … Continue reading

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