Standing Right-Left Integration | Comfort Your S-I Joints | Postural Self-Correction

 You will need to do this movement upon completion of all practice sessions, when doing Comfort Your S-I Joints.

Its purpose is to move you into a better condition of balance, right-to-left and front-to back. You spontaneously elongate (stand taller) as your balance centers and improves.
When the S-I joints are under strain, it’s because the forces moving through them are off-center and the pelvis has lost its balance and symmetry, becoming distorted by a change of relationship between sacrum (middle pelvic bone) and the ilia (side pelvic bones).
The action patterns of Comfort Your S-I Joints balance the forces going through your pelvis. Bringing that new balance into motion with this and other movements in the program integrates the changes produced by the lessons.

An additional, helpful action, upon completion of a practice session, is to walk four steps forward, four steps backward, repeatedly, until your balance improves.

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