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Mainstreaming Hanna Somatic Education, part 6 | the five stages of acceptance

TweetShare Elizabeth Kubler-Ross wrote of the five stages of grieving a loss.  Her words are relevant because most people (especially those with a vested interest in conventional methods) are attached to their ways — and to switch to our way … Continue reading

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The Effects of Jaw Tension — Is the gag on you?

TweetShare Jaw tension and jaw movement are a very interesting pivotal point in the consideration of balanced movement and stance but also of physiological health and emotional well-being. self-relief program (video) Our balance depends much upon  where our jaw (mandible) is  … Continue reading

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Psycho-Active TetraSeed Transformations | The Gold Key Release for DeCrystalizing and Evolving Crystallized Identity Patterns | Hoisting Anchor

TweetShareA T T E N T I O N: P S Y C H O A C T I V E ________________ INSTRUCTION IN THE ABILITY TO DISSOLVE INVISIBLE GRIPS IN YOU   THAT KEEP YOU STUCK Finding Yourself Out … Continue reading

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