An Identity Crystallization – deCrystallized | | Somatic Dorje

In the act of war
there are two sides
brought into existence
by dividing the One.

Though their physical expressions may be different,
though their behaviors may be different,
the field-of-sentience in which they co-exist
is one and continuous
resonant in both of them

the difference being . . . . .

that one side expresses or manifests
what is in the field-of-sentience
and the other side represses it, so as not to express it.

That is the tension between them.

The one who represses it in self
also represses it in others
and so makes war upon them.

The one who expresses it
also encourages its expression in others
who are either encouraged
or feel coerced.

Making war, coercion
and encouragement —
a fierce dynamic
made livable
by temperance

where temperance is

for all viewpoints
to meet with all other viewpoints
and for all viewpoints
to meet with their opposites

in an alchemy

that dissolves the bonds of rigidity
by inducing motion and integration
toward new equilibrium.

It is a crystaline structure
if not, “the” crystalline structure,
of The Middle Way.

It is a dorje,
in its power.

It is The Gold Key Release.

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