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The Effects of Jaw Tension — Is the gag on you?

Jaw tension and jaw movement are a very interesting pivotal point in the consideration of balanced movement and stance but also of physiological health and emotional well-being. self-relief program (video) Our balance depends much upon  where our jaw (mandible) is  in … Continue reading

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TMJ Syndrome TMD/Bruxism Symptoms

earache tinnitus / tinnitis jaw joint pain on one side orofacial pain bite deviations inability to open the jaws fully bruxism / teeth grinding headaches neck pain spine pain postural changes To discuss each of these symptoms, we will have … Continue reading

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TMJ Syndrome/TMD/Bruxism Treatments

This entry is for you if you have bruxism, orofacial pain, earaches, TMJ headaches, or clench your teeth at night. Oscar W. in Session for TMJ Dysfunction Once again, I am drawn to address common practices used to alleviate common … Continue reading

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