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On 2/18/2016 12:25 PM, David Wright

Hi Lawrence,

I’d be delighted if anything I have experienced
might be useful to you, this is great work that you do. Please
feel free to use anything that you like! If it’s useful I can
pen a paragraph as I’m realising today just what I have been
living with, and it was all there to see.

I am working through the SI Joint Pain Syndrome
writings and videos, it’s very clear from the check of the
misalignment and self appraisal of twisting that my working side
is my left, very very obvious. Just one session of unlocking
this morning has stopped dead the discomfort, lengthened my back
a great degree, and removed a huge part of the stiffness that I
now can see was there. It’s definitely trauma reflex as well
looking back, from of all things falling a short distance from a
helicopter, and a car crash where I was stationary and saw the
other vehicle coming into me – bags of time for some strong
cringe mapping, got medically sorted out but still walking like
a wounded bird years after – that knocks on over time and really
gets established, less and less easy movement as the body puts
in layers over layers of bad body image.

Today I have been moving about very easily, and
looking forwards to following more of the regimen when back
home. My right IT band feels as if it just isn’t there anymore
now (I know it is, it’s just completely free of tension and
soreness). What a revelation.

I’ll keep you posted, lots more to read and
downloads to take up I’m sure!

Thanks again

Dave Wright
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