If you have back pain, then the first thing to consider is that you don’t “have” back pain; back pain “has you” in its grip. That way of describing it would seem to be more true to your experience, wouldn’t it? This video, below, shows how you can get control of the back pain that has you in its grip and then get rid of it, while recovering the comfortable and secure use of your back.

Although some people believe that standard procedures are “time-tested” and inherently more reliable, in this case, the opposite is true. Faster, more complete, and longer-lasting relief can be obtained with a less invasive, “high-touch” procedure that hits “the mark” than by standard procedures that miss “the mark”. What is “the mark”? What to do, right now

This video shows what you can do to relieve your own back pain and restore freedom of movement. The procedure has helped thousands of people who have already had back surgery or other invasive procedures.

For a clear understanding of a new, more effective approach to back pain than stretching, strengthening, adjustments or massage, please see this page.

For chronic back pain, please see this page, which also contrasts conventional back pain methods (including spinal decompression devices) with an entirely new, more effective approach.

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