Freeing Tight Hamstrings, advanced

Know about somatic education exercises?

key points for correct practice of the more-advanced movement:

basic form of the movement (easier):

Without stretching, this maneuver creates brain-level changes that free tight hamstrings.  A second exercise stabilizes the improvement.

Read and Understand:

Get more: ending back pain, free tight psoas muscles, better sleep:

Introduction for the Free Your Hamstrings instructional video.  Somatic exercises free muscles by retraining movement/muscle-memory (brain-level control) — results come from the effect the sensations of movement have on the brain’s memory of sensation and movement.  The memory of sensations and movements (including those of injury and/or distress) conditions muscular tension patterns (“muscle memory”).

Article, How Free Hamstrings Support Healthy Knees and a Better Way to Free Them |

Prepare with the somatic exercises,
1. Calf Stretch Replacement Better Foot Strike:

2. Lesson 1 from Disproving the Myth of Aging (to free the back muscles):

Follow with Module 3b from Free Yourself from Back Pain, The Dog Stretch:

Part of the upcoming program, Comfort Your S-I Joints and Eliminate Mysterious Body Pains

Tight hamstrings are more than tight hamstrings.  Usually, they are also tight back muscles.  Both places are part of the same action pattern — having to do with walking.

However, sitting is also involved.  Tight hamstrings pull your bottom out from under, forward, making it necessary to use your back and your psoas muscles to sit more erect.  Fatigue and soreness follow.

Cyclists get tight hamstrings, hip joint muscles, and psoas muscles from using toe-clips and then pulling backward and forward (in addition to the usual up-and-down movements).

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Clinical Somatic Education | a New Discipline in the Field of Health Care

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