Got a Limp? not limp

Well, if ever there was a misnomer, it’s the word, “limp” — as in “Got a limp?”

you know — a movement impediment

Got a limp?  Use a walker or cane?  Think it’s because you’re aging?

I’ve got news for you.  It’s not aging.  It’s the accumulated stress patterns of a lifetime.  You’re not “old”; you’re in the grip of your life experience.   You’re tight and it’s your muscular tightness that makes you stiff.

The word, “limp” is completely wrong.  If you have a limp, it’s not because your muscles are limp, but because they are extraordinarily tight — not limp — pulling you down from upright posture and free movement.  You’re not limp; your muscles are not stiff.

Injuries and stress cause people to tighten up.  It’s a nervous reaction below the level of control, one that commonly lasts for decades.

It’s a common feature among the aged and among the not-so-aged.

I’ll get right to the point:

Ready to take back your life?

Better start somatic education — education for the place where so many people are ignorant — their own bodily existence.  Get educated — not mentally, but bodily.

Extraordinary, isn’t it, that people — doctors and therapists included — are ignorant of their own workings.

Something as simple as a yawn, when applied in novel ways, frees us from the grip of muscular contractions that cause people to limp.  Somatic exercises make use of the Whole Body yawn to get people with a limp to straighten up and stand on their own two feet, again.

Two or three practice sessions of somatic exercises — or one clinical somatic education session — cause improvements that might take six months of standard therapy.

It’s a matter of doing the right thing for your condition.

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