Synergetic Somatic Education Exercises — Self-Integration

Somatic education exercises

are synergistic action patterns . . . . .
movement patterns
composed of numerous simpler movement elements
that combine together
into larger, more complex, integrated movement patterns
that make sense . . . . .

movement patterns . . . . . as integrations of smaller movement elements
. . . . . elements that naturally coordinate together

that wake up and organize your brain in a certain way
. . . . . that allows stretching
to move beyond stretching
with no experience of stretching
as you come out of the grip of musclebound back muscles
and elongate into a more relaxed state.

You learn to control the tight places first
by tightening into tension
that is already tense,
then by slowly relaxing into relaxation
that is release . . . . .

Tension and release,
control in both directions,
getting tighter and letting looser,
deeper into relaxation than before, deeper.

You get a grip and then let go.
You assert control and then rest
and that is control.
By repeatedly practicing each movement pattern
you awaken it,
put it together,
develop it,
and end with deeper,
more balanced equilibrium.

You get a feeling for what
“well-organized” and “well put-together”
feel like.
You gain freedom of movement so natural
that you will soon start
to take it for granted.

Naturally well-coordinated, well-balanced and easy-moving,
such are the lasting improvements of this approach
. . . which begin immediately
… and become more and more …
the more you do it.

You develop good unity of movement and balance
without danger of cramp or spasm
. . . you get free of the grip
more reliably, more durably, more completely
than by being manipulated
or “worked-on” by somebody else.

Because you are controlling it from within
rather than being done to
you can own it,
keep it and refresh it.

The ‘proof’ of the ‘pudding’ is in the ‘eating’.

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