The Gold Key Release | a More Detailed Look

A T T E N T I O N:
Finding Yourself Out — and the Way Out
Don’t just think it; experience it:
attention * intention * imagining


 Intentionally attending 
to imagining something 
causes remembering.
The above will make sense 
only when you have prepared yourself 
to understand it by experience of 
The Gold Key Release.

As you trance-end/transcend (awaken as and beyond) more and more of your sense of existence and unique perspective, locks (unopenable grippings) of attention/intention in yourself open; the seeming substantiality of things diminishes, the grip of memory dissipates . . . . . until you have difficulty remembering what your were working on — can’t remember, at all, even while doing a Gold Key Release on something or other (that you keep losing track of).

You awaken . . . . . to no-agenda, no defined self, “original face”, no-face. 

You’ll recognize The Big Divine Kosmic Kiss when you feel it — without a doubt. If there’s doubt, you haven’t experienced it, yet. Do a few more cycles.

Let the Transcendent “Kisses”

of The Gold Key Release

fulfill themselves

again and again and again.

On The Eyepieces of Perspective
In certain instructions for The Gold Key Release, the symbol, “!” appears. I call those instructions, The Eyepieces of Perspective.

The steps with, “| ! |”, seen together as one, reveal our entrancement from an unentranced perspective, as like a dream or as a mental fabrication. Let experience of The Gold Key Release reveal what I mean by “entrancement” and by “trance-ending”.

If you can’t distinguish both “remembering” and “imagining”, regard the intensity of the memory and alternate between regarding it as remembering and regarding it as imagining. Compare remembering to imagining until you awaken a perception — or the perception dissolves. Next time, spend more time in the preparatory step of distinguishing imagining from remembering.

If it all seems like remembering and no imagining, know that the seeming truth of remembering is imagined. We imagine that it is an actual memory with a life of its own; we imagine that it is not something we are imagining.

Put your attention on the feelings of “true” and “untrue” and deliberately imagine them. Do not analyze; do not filter for correctness. Feel. Take and work with whatever you get. Next time, do the “It’s True!”, “It’s Untrue!” step, better.

As an aid, you may vividly remember memories that make it seem,
It’s True!“and “It’s, Untrue!” Make “It’s True!” and “It’s Untrue!” counterbalance each other; alternate between them, if necessary.
Each step focuses your perspective better.  You keep your attention on the result of the previous step and apply the next step to it, throughout, step by step. Hold your attention at each step until your attention steadies more and the experience gets more vivid.

(Got any?)
Trying to unlock the grip of an item without all the teeth sliding into position is a little like trying to gum it to death.

Unlocking of an identity crystallization (that’s what you’re working with) may start at any point of The Gold Key Release.  Follow through to the end. 

process feels like inhabiting a field of sensation, firming it up, then
telescoping perception into its core by stages.  After the “imagining”
stage, the field of sensation dissolves and dissipates, leaving an
absence, or decrease, of the original item.
there is some charge or substance left of the item, alternate between,
“remembering imagining” and “imagining remembering” (“jiggling the key”)
until you get perceptions of each.  If you cease to make progress,
repeat from the beginning.

“locks” may be very dense, slow to change, and indistinct.  They may
take a number of practice cycles before they come into focus and
dissolve or their deeper underpinnings show up and dissolve.

The Process is Complete, When . . . . .

feeling of
completion is a lack of charge, of insubstantiality, even of having
difficulty remembering what one was working on.  Attention falls into a
formless condition:  undefined “Hereness”, the natural state of self.
During the “unlock”, physical tensions are “likely” to let go, with changes of postural set and a spontaneous deep breath.
If you’re stuck in an emotion, apply this procedure on the thing that the emotion is about AND on the emotion about it — run The Gold Key Release on each. You may need to alternate in repetitions.
Now, you know.
Here’s a recording of my coaching someone in an earlier version of The Gold Key Release. The issue she is working with is inability or unwillingness to receive (anything of value) from others.
Play with it.
The Gold Key Release and Quantum Physics

Contemplation of the equation on attention, intention, and imagination causing memory, shown above, yields an understanding of why time is unidirectional (despite the reversibility of equations, according to certain prominent astrophysicists): Memory is unidirectional. 

When memory disappears (as in time reversal, since the observer is part of the space-time continuum), there is no way to perceive the disappearance of memory. “Time’s Arrow” goes one way because of the nature of memory. 

As The Gold Key Release dissolves or lightens the masses of memories, our experience of reality and self changes.

With a good outcome, you directly intuit formless “conscious Origin” — the ground of being, your “present” self-nature. When you intuit Origin, release that intuition with “Thor’s Hammer” / “The Lightening Bolt”. Notice what happens.



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Esoteric Somatics and Tibetan Buddhism
on domains in and to which TetraSeed Modulations may be “interestingly” applied

“To study the self
is to know the self.
To know the self
is to forget the self.
To forget the self is to be awakened by the 10,000 dharmas.”

The Gold Key Release
copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold

This writing may be reproduced only in its entirety
with accurate attribution of authorship.

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