The Inner and Outer Aspects of the TetraSeed

The four focal points of the TetraSeed, in its variations, are observable, replicatable, verifiable, testifiable focal points that have observable, replicatable, verifiable, testifiable psychoactive properties.

The psychoactive properties of the TetraSeed appear as an awakening of the different internal connections of oneself so they may be recognized and corrected, as native intelligence indicates on a focus-by-focus basis.

The word, “focus”, pertains to each of the step-elements that constitute the TetraSeed Transformation Procedures, e.g., “Intending | Intending Existence”.

Back to the psychoactive properties: the word, Transformational.

What is being transformed, and how so?

What’s being transformed is the activation-balance between the different focal points of the TetraSeed.

The Four Internal or Left Quadrant TetraSeed Mind Elements
(upper right image is The AQAL Matrix — Google-search the term.)

We tend, by our enculturation, to work at a more or less illumined or oblivious degree of development — mostly oblivious. Sometimes, the words,


by themselves, individually, and in relation to each other, seem somehow vague and obscure, not readily recognizable. This starting condition is a good one for demonstrating the potential for a person’s awakening of faculties by contemplating and applying the TetraSeed. Before that process of awakening, all manner of semi-conscious automatic conditioning simply runs the show, with the “monitoring self” wringing its hands over its own craziness.

The transformation consists of

  1. awakening and progressively steadying into focus these four focal/archetypes,
    and then 
  2. combining the focal/archetypes in every combination of twos and threes
    to awaken and enhance intelligence.

    It feels like an awakening.

  3. What happens is that submerged patternings of mind emerge in dreamlike perceptual experiences that one may recognize as ones own habitual dreamset of what life is remembered to be — and having recognized, adjust by mere feeling-intention. Many shifts occur.

What happens is a dissolving of semi-conscious and unconscious, automatic habits of mind by recognizing all things as made of the same “ground substance” — the congealing of attention on persistent objects with a location and a direction of change.

What happens is a shifting of tensions by a series of releases, a shifting that occurs merely by contemplating things in terms of The TetraSeed — attending to an object, remembering an object, intending the existence of an object, imagining an object — as taught in the various TetraSeed transformation procedures found under the search-term


In the illustration, “I-AM-I” symbolizes the emergence of all forms of experience from a uniform ground of being-consciousness.

At this point, further discussion depends on your having had experience working with the TetraSeed and TetraSeed Transformation Procedures. To try to understand without that experiential background risks brain-lock.

Having had such experience and found that the TetraSeed is indeed psychoactive, you (and I) may wonder:

What is the TetraSeed made of?
After all, it’s just seems to be a mental abstraction that somehow names what our mind is made of, but really — The TetraSeed actually functions, so what is its substance? its foundation?
Something somehow becomes the four-ness of the TetraSeed that functions the way it does. Or perhaps it isn’t something or anything until it appears as concrete expressions of the four elements of the TetraSeed. But a TetraSeed is made of it. What is THAT? It must always have existed and exist now and already, since it is apparently the substance and functioning of EVERYTHING.
The following news may help you with that contemplation.
Internal/Left Side Quadrants of the AQAL Matrix
External/Right Side Quadrants of the AQAL Matrix

Integration of the upper and lower elements produces a deepening of perception and brings background to the foreground for witnessing, melting and transformation — or burning.

The Gold Key Release
copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold
copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold
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