The Somatic Codes

There is a special meaning for that term — The Somatic Codes.

It’s more akin to Morse Code than it is to the Codes of Hammurabi.  However there is virtue to it that would potentize the Codes of Hammurabi, if they were integrated together.

The Somatic Codes are rhythmic numerical sequences that beat a resonance through oneself — using specific movement elements to create specific rhythmic and timed sensations.

This resonance of deliberately created self-sensations links or integrates memory, imagination, and sensation into an integrated, resonant, mobile faculty of intelligence.

(And what would that do for your golf game — or your video games.)

I have detailed a portion of The Somatic Codes in my piece:  The Diamond Penetration Pandiculation Technique.

These codes accelerate and deepen the effects of somatic exercises when incorporated with somatic exercises.  There will be video in the near future on YouTube showing how this is done.

See many videos of pandicular maneuvers.  Here’s the general channel of (some) of my videos.

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