The Spirit of Pandiculation | distinct from that of stretching

Doing pandicular movements, that is,
doing somatic education exercises,
is akin in rhythm and spirit
to brushing ones hair.

In a movement through a wave
there may be a “catch”,
a temporary hold-up,
a glitch,
a halt,
a hitch in your ‘git-along’.

Maybe a brain-fart?
or a string of brain farts,
irregularly spaced …

rhythm interrupted,
mind, derailed,

One adjusts ones “push”
to accommodate the capacity
of the medium,
the hair,
the life,
to change, to move anew.

Snags are re-approached
with good timing
and repeatedly, if necessary
until they come loose
and the smooth wave
the easy move

it’s just smooth sailing
and stylizing —
creative gesturing
in the smooth and rising rhythm
of the wave.

Passing through in repeated strokes,
going deeper,
feeling more,
getting smoother.

The problem comes when we got gum in our hair.

Ah, a pretty pickle, that is.

We have a choice:
clean it
or cut it loose.

Patience is a virtue
and timing determines things.

Sometimes, a little sorting out is needed,
a little pulling things apart,
separating them more finely
so that they are more free to change.

and so on

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