The Tongue Mudra | “Bite Your Tongue” Variation Lawrence Gold

The Tongue Mudra is an extremely powerful technique for uncovering and relieving chronic, unconscious emotional states that color our lives.

The Bite Your Tongue variation of The Tongue Mudra is a more powerful form of the Tongue Mudra (power in its own right) that, when mastered (a brief period of time) prepares one for the even more powerful, Dragon’s Breath version of The Tongue Mudra.

“Mudra” means “seal” in Sanscrit and refers to positions that contain attention and “seal” the subtle sensory-circuitry into a contained vessel, conserving and recirculating what, in some circles, is called, vital energy — the vitality of attention and intention.

This position creates an internal connection and state of balance that stands in contrast to our habitual states of emotion, tension, and imbalance. That contrast permits us to perceive what is otherwise imperceptible in us.

The powerful effects of this technique depend upon following the instructions exactly as given and producing the exact sensations described. Half-hearted attempts that don’t enact the instructions don’t produce the result, so people who live their lives “trying” instead of “doing” will get the result they are accustomed to getting in their lives: failure. Direct words, but true.

To combine the Tongue Mudra with other somatic education exercises makes them more potent by including the part of ourselves that usually doesn’t get attention: our head. Usually, we are so busy in the thinking word-mind that we operate from it instead of paying attention to it. As a result, part of us is always outside, not participating. The Tongue Mudra changes that.

When the head is included, the change is more complete.

Test my words.

Clinical Somatic Education | a New Discipline in the Field of Health Care The Tongue Mudra | “Bite Your Tongue” Variation Lawrence Gold

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