THE TONGUE MUDRA | instruction and transformational phenomena

The Tongue Mudra is a very powerful technique that

  • opens your core
  • clears your mind
  • creates cumulative beneficial effects on posture
  • opens breathing
  • relaxes subconscious tensions that cloud judgment

    and that’s enough of a partial list of benefits

The technique works by itself or combined with other mental and physical exercise techniques; when combined, it enhances any exercise with which you combine it.

Use this technique to magnify the effects of most other somatic education exercises. Adopt the mudra and maintain it continuously as you go through the movements of the other exercises.

Another technique to magnify somatic education exercises, The Diamond-Penetration Technique, can be found here:

The Tongue Mudra

Clinical Somatic Education | a New Discipline in the Field of Health Care

The Tongue Mudra:
*  back of the tongue lifted and secured against your rear molars
*  tip of the tongue on roof of your mouth behind your front teeth
* center of the tongue cupped like a spoon or radar dish aimed at your palate

The “Bite Your Tongue” variation
You gently bite the back of your tongue between the upper and lower rear molars.

You then alternate, slowly, left and right, sensing the pressure of biting through the teeth and sides of the head, as it moves left and right, gently tipping your head toward the side of the bite as you move.

When you cup your tongue sufficiently, you’ll feel a sensation in the nasal cavity.  That’s your working position.

Sensing the center of your palate above your tongue-cup
feel it light up and become sensitized.

Feeling that, breathe through your nose
so that you feel the in-stream of breath over the sensitized place on your palate.

Breathe in and out through your nose, sensing the place in your nasal cavity
affected by your tongue position.  It may be in the nasal septum, in the facial bones and forehead, further up or further back.

Feel the sensation
from your tongue
to your palate
through the nasal cavity,
to the sensitized place.

Feel through the brain cavity,
breathing in-and-out the crown of your head.

By steadying the sensations of breathing through your nose,
feel your head position change,
feel your neck change its curve and lengthen,
and feel the effect go the the spine behind the heart.

Various spontaneous, self-adjusting movements may occur.

Suitable for sitting meditation.

audio coaching
Be prepared to stop and start this recording at each step of coaching.
Listen once through, then listen again and practice.
The Tongue Mudra | a way to magnify somatic education exercises
Lawrence Gold

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