The “Zt-Dong” Gold Key Release

The “Zt-Dong” Gold Key Release reveals and makes distinct the underpinnings of the basic Gold Key Release.

The “Zt-Dong” Gold Key Release is for you if you are already proficient at The Gold Key Release. Otherwise, the learning curve may be too steep for you, and I prefer that you succeed.

The “Zt-Dong” Gold Key Release is more powerful than the basic Gold Key Release; it cuts more deeply and causes larger and deeper releases. You’ll know what, “cuts more deeply” means once you’ve practiced it.


“Holding the Lock in Your Hand”
Regarding your selected, “work-with” item:
 |    | Feel having it.
 |    | Notice where you feel it, in you. 
 |    | Feel the shape of its intensity.
 |    | Feel any intention
 |    |      in it
 |    |      from it
 |    |      toward it
 |    |      about it
| Think to yourself
:  “It doesn’t matter.”

 |    Notice if it really does matter.
 |    | Notice that “it mattering involves me” (you).
        “Mattering involving me” means 
I’m the one who makes it matter.
Unlocking the Lock: 
! | Think to yourself and feel:  “It’s true. It’s true.”

! | Think to yourself and feel:  “It’s untrue. It’s untrue [empty beat] It’s untrue.”
! | Think to yourself and feel:  “It’s true.”
! | Think to yourself and feel:  “It’s untrue, it’s untrue.”
|=Think to yourself and feel: “It’s true, it’s true.”

As needed, alternate: “It’s true . . .” “It’s untrue . . .” until sufficiently balanced and vivid that you feel impartial about it.  Experiment.

! | Allow how remembering involves imagining. 
! | Allow how imagining involves Intending imagining . . .
             Remembering imagining . . . Attending to imagining . . . Imagining imagining imagining.
! | (think and feel:) “imagining attending”
! | (think and feel🙂 “imagining remembering”
| ! | (think and feel🙂 “imagining intending”
! | (think and feel🙂 “imagining imagining
! | (think and feel🙂 “Stopping imagining”
          (Feel any reluctance to stopping imagining.)
| ! | (think and feel🙂 “Stopping Stopping”
      (Feel any reluctance to stopping.)
! | Allow it all to dissolve, and dissipate.  Awaken. 

( The Transcendent Kiss feeling occurs upon dissolution..) 

tongue mudra after or during]

All-important: Take what you get with each step and move to the next step. Sometimes, there may be nothing; the procedure works, anyway.

Repeat until dissolved and you’ve lost track of what you were working on – or – you “run out of gas”.(Resume, later, to completion.)

“Notice the shape of its intensity.”
When you feel its shape, you’ll notice places within that shape that feel more intense; those are its places of greater intensity. The place of greatest intensity goes most deeply into you to its “control point”

Balancing “It’s true,” and “It’s untrue”
Balancing “It’s true,” and “It’s untrue” makes the release step go more easily. It takes you out of identification with either position, so that you can recognize imagination-in-action. To articulate each word distinctly in your mind helps.

If needed to equalize, “it’s true” and “it’s untrue”, at the step, “Alternate ‘It’s true . . .’ and ‘It’s untrue . . .’ , use the following rhythm, as needed, to equalize them.

[a], [b], [a], [a]
[b], [a], [b], [b]

where [a] and [b] stand for
“it’s true” and “it’s untrue”.

Once you’ve done it, you feel how it works and be able to apply the rhythm to equalizing the two. Until you’ve done it, you may feel a “mental log-jam” trying to understand. Choose the easy way; experiment with it.

This procedure, as with all TetraSeed Transformation procedures, is self-revealing/self-instructing. As you practice you may feel impulses to repeat steps or to experiment in other ways. Do that. Learn what it does.

Comment, below. I want it.

The Gold Key Release
copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold

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  1. Myxlyxl says:

    For me this works much better than the "simple" version. Especially this part makes a huge differnce :
    "Think to yourself: "It doesn't matter."Notice if it really does matter."

    As I also use frequencies/subliminals I had this idea if one can combine them with your great tools. I think one need to choose the correct combinations to get benefits… DrVirtual7 (youtube) really have some great vids.

    Thank you for your great work.


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