TMJ Syndrome/TMD/Bruxism Treatments

This entry is for you if you have bruxism, orofacial pain, earaches, TMJ headaches, or clench your teeth at night.

TMJ Syndrome | Clinical Somatic Education session

Oscar W. in Session for TMJ Dysfunction

Once again, I am drawn to address common practices used to alleviate common health conditions.  In this case, it’s TMJ Dysfunction (or “TMD” or “TMJ Syndrome”), a condition that people commonly expect to take months or years to clear up, but which can be cleared up in weeks by oneself or faster with clinical somatic education sessions.

The Root of TMJ Dysfunction

Common dental practices overlook the root of the condition:  neuro-muscular conditioning caused by trauma (injury, previous dental work) or long-term emotional stress (particularly, anger).  “Neuro-muscular” means, muscles controlled by the brain. Another name for “neuro-muscular” is “muscle/movement memory” — the state of tension we return to, automatically.

Even “neuromuscular dentistry” approaches the situation indirectly, by changing such things as a person’s bite pattern, rather than changing muscular tension habits; the “neuromuscular” part exists in their minds, but not in their way of approaching the situation.

An article posted here gives the details.

Here are topics that give reasoning and details.

The common therapeutic means for addressing the condition address symptoms, rather than causes.

As a clinical somatic education practitioner, I’ve developed an effective and reliable self-relief program, which addresses exactly the underlying cause of TMJ Syndrome:  the reflexive muscular action in the muscles of biting a chewing that causes the complex array of symptoms associated with TMJ Syndrome.


long version
TMJ Dysfunction (TMD) Corrected in Eighteen Minutes
with Hanna Somatic Education

Free Preview of Self-Relief Program5 Well-designed Somatic Exercises That You Can Use
to Make Your Jaws Feel Better
and Make Your Bite Better
— in about 2 Weeks

Instructions in Somatic Exercises to Free Your Own Jaws
Common Causes of TMJ Syndrome/TMD/Bruxism

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