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Dear Thomas Hanna/Phyllis Victory:

My name is Deanne Hegg. I am 30 years old. I work as a Home Support Worker in the Comox Valley, Canada.

On Octorber 9, 2000 I had a work accident and herniated two discs in my back. I was in severe pain, and my body became very distorted. My left hip was way over to the left and the top of my body was leaning over to the right by at least 30%. When I walked, my right leg took all my weight, and my left big toe would just touch the ground. X-rays showed my spine was very curved.

I tried massage therapy, both traditional and acupressure. I also tried yoga, physiotherapy,chiropractic,acupuncture and exersises from a book on back health. I read everything I could.

Everyone told me I needed to straighten up, as it was not good for my body to be in this posture. No amount of painkillers could help with the pain of even sitting up straight for a few seconds. I got very depressed.

Then my daughter's grandmother suggested a good freind of hers, Phyllis Victory, who does Somatics. I was very sceptical, having spent a lot of money on different therapies. She was persistant, and has good judgement. So I tried it.

Within a few sessions I noticed incredible improvements. My muscles were not contracting continuously. Stiffness disappeared, and I began to straighten up. After 4 sessions I am walking straight. I do my exercises once or twice a day. The amount of medication I now take has decreased dramatically. After each session I have been making miraculous improvements. I still have a little ways to go, but am so happy to walk straight and have my mobility back!


Deanne Hegg
300 Carmanah Dr.
Courtenay, B.C.

The Institute for Somatic Study and Development
Santa Fe, NM

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