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4/27/2010 7:22 AM

Dear Mr. Gold,

I have watched the videos (both 12, and 17 minute programs) and have been doing the exercises for two days now. The relief is nothing short of amazing. I haven't even gotten around to using the bonus material and the pain in my back and the related pain in my rear and left leg is almost completely gone. I've tried lots of exercises and other things in the past, but nothing has worked as well as these simple movement patterns. Thank you very much for making these materials available.

Alex Granzin

Lynne Torre commented on your post:

"You gave me back my life through Somatics and I often think of you and thank you. This 12 minute video is brilliant. "

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photos of Craig Fink 4/27/2010 7:22 AM, Craig Fink wrote:

in 2001 I had a horse rear up and tip over backwards folding me up like a bill fold , breaking L3 and L4 and pinching my spinal cord just hard enough for my legs to be paralyzed for a period of time (a few hours). They were cracked and not displaced. After 4 days, when I asked the doc if I was going to walk again, he could not say. Make a long story short, I am walking. The break is not what hurt. It was the resulting muscle spasms. No one can tell me I have weak back muscles. Reading what you say" the thousand natural shocks flesh is heir to" sounds like a life story for my back.

Last June was the last time my back spasm'd. Onto the floor and couldn't walk because of the severe pain associated with the spasm. When I managed to get to the computer I did a search on back muscle spasms and I came across your site. I implemented the emergency back pain procedure you have and instead of 3 days without doing hardly anything, it was down to about 3 hours. Needless to say, I am impressed. It still took a few days before I got a lot of strength back because I felt the muscles were totally fatigued because of the spasm they just went through.

Since that time, when I feel the muscles starting to tighten up over a period of time I implement the same exercises and have been able to ward off any spasm.

photos of Craig Fink I am here today because recently, a friend of my is having some pretty severe back problems and he's already been to a doctor who tells him there is nothing wrong with his joints or bones. Therefore I referred him to your site.

Craig Fink

From: Christine Davies
Date: 17 February 2009 22:28
To: Lawrence Gold
Subject: Re: Notification of payment received

Christine Davies wrote:

Hi Lawrence

Many thanks for your email. I ordered (and received) the downloadable version. After just one session with Lesson 1, I am seeing benefits and look forward to completing the lessons and getting on to maintenance with The Cat Stretch each day.

Please feel free to reference the blog as this has literally been life changing for me.

My blog is here: https://divecat.multiply.com/tag/health

Kind regards - Christine

5/3/2010 8:54 AM, Christian Grass wrote:

Hi Lawrence,

I started over again today with lection one of the basic cat stretch. I did this exercise with Hannas book (I had recorded the instructions for myself, rather too fast).

Your more detailed instructions and the pace make a remarkable difference. Feels much more relaxing.


9/30/2009 5:24 PM, ajfurlow@aol.com wrote:

I've been into musculoskeletal pain relief for a long time but recently discovered Hanna Somatics. I was into Egoscue for a few years but have had much better results with Somatics. I've been doing the lessons from Thomas Hanna's book for about 10 weeks and seem to feel better after each week.

My job of dog grooming requires standing all day and a lot of stressful tension. I hurt everywhere at the end of the day but the exercises make me feel better. Just recently I've had more neck release which seemed to be a real stubborn spot. The upper extensor muscles of my back would just not relax and I'd wake up in the morning very sore in that area. I can't wait to do the neck and shoulder exercises in your book to pinpoint more of that area. I hope to one day learn these exercises to teach others how to get out of pain.


12/14/2007 2:52 PM
subject: Re: Good stuff -- Somatics!

Hi Lawrence,

I typed in "relief for back spasms" yesterday and read your article. Then I ordered the ebook, and did some exercises this morning. I can already feel some relief. And I know over time my "back problems" will return to normal, my natural state.

Thank you so MUCH for making Somatics available!

I love alternative therapies. I listed your article/site at What Love Does in alternative therapies.

Marelin Thornton

2/10/2010 11:17 AM
Re: which program?


I have been doing Hanna Somatics for approximately 7 months. I will tell you how this program has improved the quality of my life recently. I have had overall body pains from car accidents, a bad fall with a broken tail bone, fibromyalgia, thyroid problem and many unknown reasons for over 20 yrs.

I purchased [the] CD's and began working through the material. Prior to starting the exercises I would wake up every morning with the feeling that my shoulders were practically up to my ears and my hip were up to my waistline. It would take hours for the body to readjust, if it ever did. Now, I wake up with everything still in its proper place and perhaps the hips have dropped a bit.

I am a Taiji practioner and my Master has been trying to get the point across to drop the hips, relax the shoulders, feel the weight in the feet, lift the head and many other points too numerous to list for this explaination. I truely believe that these Somatic exercises are the vehicle for me to understand and prepare my body to do all that the Master has required of me for better form.

Marsha Nolan

1/3/2010 2:38 PM
Re: update: Hanna Somatics Gold -- Free Yourself from Back Pain AND Free your Psoas

Lawrence: I started the exercises last Sunday, and am ready to go onto to the second one, Slide and Turn. My massage therapist brought this muscle to my attention, and your wesbite came up in relation to the psoas (memebers of my family have never heard of this muscle!)

I can already feel a difference, and look forward to my MT being able to feel a difference as well. I'm working with this in relation to spasming rectal and sphincter muscles (proctalgia fugax) and it is helping me loosen up. Thank you so much!

Laurie Adler (yes, you may quote me!)

photos of Thomas Lanier

Thomas Lanier
2/23/2010 6:20 AM


I found your youtube video "Free Your Psoas: Slide & Turn, INTRO - Psoas Muscle Pain Self-Relief" amazingly effective. A little backgroud: I have had tightness and pain for many years (I'm 35) for which I have taken personal responsibility to alieviate through self awarness and excercise. Thus I was brought to your video. I grew up with tension in my house, and have found myself stuck in "fight or flight" ever since.

Upon doing this simple exercise, my normally painful and tight right gluteals and psoas were instantly more mobile. I have tried for 20 years to get that effect to no avail. I then took a 3 hour walk around Tokyo (where I live currently) and I immediately noticed that I walked with a more upright posture. My torso was not bent forward, but erect, and my hips stayed forward throughout my stride. The next morning, my gluteals on both sides, sacrum, and psoas were quite sore, so I know something changed.

I have studied alot of anatomy and methodology for helping myself. And, I have found alot or misinformation and snake oil. Your video was effective.

6/23/2010 5:24 PM, Thomas Lanier wrote:

Hi, Ive been donig the psoas exercises and my back is soooooooo much improved. Thanks. My biking and hiking is much better, and I don't get back aches or pinches anymore.

photos of Thomas Lanier Yesterday and today I completed a few more of the psoas exercises, which opened me up considerably. I am impressed. The halo this afternoon was a near euphoric release.


photo of Andrew Seymour 4/27/2010 7:22 AM, Andrew Seymour wrote:

Hello Dr. Gold,

[NOTE from Lawrence Gold: I am not a doctor, though some people presume that I am; I am a somatic educator. These feedback messages are presented as received, including typographical errors.]

I didnt anticipate such a long email, please just respond whenever you have the time. I have been working with your "Freeing the Psoas" program for about 6 weeks now and have to tell you it really has done wonders. It has really opened up the groin muscles and is way more effective than the stretching I was doing months ago. The help with yoga and pilates was marginal compared to this.

photo of Andrew Seymour An unintended result of this program was a realignment of my right foot. 10 years ago I almost shattered my right kneecap as a result of a snowboarding injury. It has always splayed far to the right (likely contributing to the achilles tendinitis on my right foot). It is easy to spot in photos. Without being conscious of it, it has significantly realigned to its natural straight position (although it still feels a bit "unnatural" and I am having to remind myself this is how I should walk. So I wanted to say thanks and this program is well suited for my needs.

Andrew Seymour

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