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The Magic of Somatics

to quickly let you move more easily and make you feel more comfortable

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I want to let you know that the exercises you recommended for my shoulder, neck area have been wonderful. I'm doing something that finally works . . .

For sacro-iliac pain, click here. Read it to see if it fits you.
The Magic of Somatics
Improve Your Physical Prowess Quickly and Directly
Hanna Somatics Gold

by Lawrence Gold

an easier way to release yourself from chronic pain patterns
from injuries and stress

EXAMPLE of the kind of VIDEO included in the EBOOK: How to Free Tight Hamstrings
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to Extinguish Lingering Pains, Improve Movement and Look and Feel Better

A COMPANION TO THE ORIGINAL BOOK ON CLINICAL SOMATIC EDUCATION, Somatics: ReAwakening the Mind's Control of Movement, Flexibility, and Health, by THOMAS HANNA

NOTE: Purchase The Magic of Somatics or Body Meditations, but not both. The content of the two books is very similar. The ebook of The Magic of Somatics has live links to additional instructional videos posted on YouTube, when displayed on computer.

Feel better, move better. Fast, lasting improvements. No stretching.

Address a variety of common conditions such as sore shoulders, tight hamstrings, hand and wrist pain and other conditions.

Send for the free preview. See the table of contents.

The Magic of Somatics is three "books" in one.

The first "book" consists of basic step-by-step instructions for eleven somatic education exercise sequences. Two potent, advanced techniques provided in the book's appendix enhance the potency of those same eleven exercises. Learn the basic form, add the advanced techniques, get even more improvements.

The introductory section explains the difference between somatic education exercises and other exercises, how "The Whole-body yawn" gets more improvement with less effort.

For preview, click here.


    8 1/2" x 11"
    coil-bound handbook format
    Opens flat for easy use.
    Purchase includes eBook with live video links, when displayed on your computer.

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      The New Seated Refreshment Exercises -- A system of movements to retrain muscle-movement memory, refresh flexibility, restore comfort and increase vitality in five minutes -- for office workers, drivers, travellers and others chair-bound for long periods.

      Guided audio instruction teaches you somatic education exercises at the pace to get the best results.

  • e-BOOK (only):
    8 1/2" x 11" Adobe Acrobat/PDF format fully illustrated in color

    eBook has live video links, when displayed on-computer.

    $29.05 (Item #107)
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    • neck pain
    • tight calves
    • tight hamstrings
    • tight shoulders
    • breathing
    • balance

    • hamstrings/quadriceps
    • knee pain
    • leg strength
    • wrists, hands, forearms
    • tight calves
    • foot pain

    I purchased your book "The Magic Of Somatics" just a couple days ago and it has already been of unbelievable help. I am feeling much better!

    7/22/2008 7/22/2008 2:10 PM Re: Ankle Sprain

    Dear Mr. Gold,

    I purchased your book "The Magic Of Somatics" just a couple days ago and it has already been of unbelievable help. I am feeling much better!

    I have a specific question though: I am a basketball player and have sprained my right ankle a year ago. I still have pain there but after undergoing MRI I know it's muscular issues. I have tried the athletes prayer for loose calves and it did help. I am already feeling better than I have almost all of last year. But there is still this feeling of not having total control over my calves/soleus/achilles. Do you have any idea what I could further do to help loosen up the calves and front of shin?


    Ben Metzger

    7/22/2008 7/22/2008 2:10 PM Re: Ankle Sprain


    thanks for your answer, and yes, go ahead and post those comments!

    These somatic movements are truly amazing. I have within just a couple days of using them improved my flexibility back to where it was when I was in elementary school, and I am 30 years old. For me as an athlete it is pretty much a pot of gold.

    All the best,

    Ben Metzger

    ...guess what I already feel relief in my lower back

    On 10/30/2009 10:52 PM, Patricia Hawkins wrote:

    Dear Lawrence,

    Thank you so much for you prompt attention. I have downloaded the file.

    Which is great as I had borrowed a copy of Somatics by Thomas Hanna, and I have to return it today.

    That would leave me without the exercises I started yesterday, and guess what I already feel relief in my lower back,

    Once again thank you for your help

    All the best to you


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