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The Varieties of Sensory-Motor Amnesia

Sensory-Motor Amnesia (SMA), as Thomas Hanna defined it, is a state of habituation in which patterns of muscular tension and movement formed during trauma or under stress displace (make amnesic) the memory (and availability) of free and balanced (healthy) functioning.  … Continue reading

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Synergetic Somatic Education Exercises — Self-Integration

Somatic education exercises are synergistic action patterns . . . . . movement patterns composed of numerous simpler movement elements that combine together into larger, more complex, integrated movement patterns that make sense . . . . . movement patterns … Continue reading

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TMJ Syndrome-TMD-Nocturnal Bruxism Treatments

Common Methods of Treatment This brief piece outlines both conventional and alternative TMJ treatment approaches. mouth guards / appliances / splints neuromuscular dentistry reshaping tooth surfaces mouth massage Mouth Guards / Appliances / Splints The principle and hope of these … Continue reading

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Common Causes of TMJ Syndrome/Bruxism

TMD/TMJ Syndrome is a collection of diverse symptoms caused by reflexive actions of the muscles of biting and chewing. It comes from brain-muscle conditioning acquired by trauma or stress. As with all conditioning problems, it can be changed with proper … Continue reading

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TMJ Syndrome TMD/Bruxism Symptoms

earache tinnitus / tinnitis jaw joint pain on one side orofacial pain bite deviations inability to open the jaws fully bruxism / teeth grinding headaches neck pain spine pain postural changes To discuss each of these symptoms, we will have … Continue reading

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