Regrow Cartilage

QUESTION from a reader who asks how to regrow/repair cartilage:
“Hi Lawrence. Do you have any information of how to 1) repair or regrow cartilage in the joints, hips specifically, and 2) how to eliminate bone spurs? I’m having great progress with somatics to improve posture and reduce tension and muscle pain, but I still get a sense of a deeper soreness and also grinding in the joint which feels like it could be from the cartilage wear and spurring that was detected in my joints. Any advice on this? Is it indeed possible? 😉 Thanks!”

To regrow cartilage, you need some cartilage in the joint; the remaining cartilage is the “seed” for regrowth.  Then, you need to remove overcompression by freeing the surrounding musculature

If there’s no cartilage left, I don’t know.

Sometimes, muscular soreness near a joint is mistaken as joint pain. In that case, there’s no need to regrow cartilage.

For hip joints, the muscles involved are the gluteals (see The Cat Stretch Exercises, with a modification of Lessons 1 and 5 for the gluteus medius muscles) and Lesson 3, the adductors, hip joint flexors and psoas muscles (Free Your Psoas), and the deep adductors (obturators)(The Magic of Somatics).

With the pressure removed, cartilage can regrow (slowly). I don’t know the value of chondroitin sulphate for growing cartilage, except that when muscular tension around the joint is high, it’s impossible to regrow cartilage.

As to bone spurs (osteophytes), same thing. Bone spurs grow along the line of pull of chronically tight muscles, at their tendonous attachments.

So, bone spurs and cartilage loss come from the same cause:  muscles held tight over a long period.  Bone spurs can dissolve, and cartilage can regrow, when the cause is removed.

Please also see, “Completing Your Recovery from an Injury”.

in your service,
Lawrence Gold

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5 Responses to Regrow Cartilage

  1. Lindy. Schultz says:

    Lawrence, do you know how long cartilage regrow th may take? Are we talking 3 months, 6 months, years? I am trying to avoid joint replacement surgery. I will be consulting with orthopedic surgeon soon. Will likely have new X-rays , the ones I have are over one year old. Thank you.

  2. Sally says:

    My Dr said my hip is bone on bone. Can I regrow my carlidge so I do not have to have lhip surgery?

    • I don’t think so. You need cartilage to grow cartilage.

      However, surgery won’t handle the cause of the cartilage loss, which is generally muscular contractions across the hip joint.

      You may visit this page to get the form that I use to understand a person’s condition, and return it to me, completed.

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