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Being and Doing

TweetShareThere is no experience of “being” without “doing” — contrary to the stated opinion of pop-spirituality and self-help enthusiasts. Here’s why: We can experience only sensations that change. Anything that doesn’t change rapidly fades from our awareness.  If we can … Continue reading

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How to Free Tight Hamstrings

TweetShareThis entry discusses healthy hamstring movement, exercises to free tight hamstrings, and some of the consequences of tight hamstrings. Resources to a hamstring stretch substitute that produces superior results by retraining muscle/movement memory and to programs to improve agility appear at the end. … Continue reading

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Changing Muscle Memory — Manual Manipulation vs. Neuromuscular Training/Somatic Education

TweetShareA basic understanding of muscle tone recognizes that the seat of control of muscles and movement is not muscles, but the brain, not “muscle memory” but “movement memory”, not “posture” but habitual or learned movement patterns (of which posture is … Continue reading

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Stress, Sleep, and Somatics

TweetShareGet Out of The Big Squeeze of Thinking and Restlessness Sleep and wakefulness — two contrasting states that exist on a continuum — meaning that we drift between the two depending on our state of arousal. Sleep and stress (or … Continue reading

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