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A letter from Janette Court,
who used the somatic education exercises
to end her pain:

"You asked me to write "a few sentences of my experience". Unfortunately, I am not sure how many you would like, so I write the following, and hope it is okay."

During the summer of 1995 I was on holiday when extreme pain started in my back. After returning home I visited my G.P. Doctor and was diagnosed a slipped disc. He recommended pain killers and that I see a physiotherapist, also that I rest my back.

The physiotherapist gave me exercises to do. I did the exercises and continued with this treatment. I was feeling no improvement at all, in fact I was getting worse, not better.

A colleague I played in the Orchestra with recommended an Osteopath for back treatment. I was advised to have a scan which showed I had a mid-line bulge on the first disc on the rib-cage, and facet hypertrophy. The Osteopath gave me treatment for this over 2 years and I had some relief initially but it did not last very long, so I ended the treatment, as I was still in a lot of pain.

I went back to my Doctor who told me I was in pain because of the hypertrophy and my back was not able to return to the correct position, and don't let the pain get me down.

Things got worse, early in 1998. I started feeling pain in my hip, and the doctor diagnosed deterioration. I was also losing the ability to walk. I had no quality of life; I wanted to feel like me once again but I could not find a way back -- I was no longer able to work, nor to make a contribution to my family.

My partner bought a new computer and I had access to the Internet so I put in the word Hip on the search engines and got onto Lawrence Gold's Web Site and printed off the Somatic movements from What to Do When Your Back Hurts. I tried out the movements and it worked like magic on my back pain; I seriously wanted to know more and as much as I could find out about this treatment. So I ordered "A Way to End Your Own Pain"* and "Somatics" [by Thomas Hanna] and also received a free tape 'For More Effortless Walking' [now, Superwalking"]. I received them within one week, and started practising the movements in them and also read with great interest all the information about the treatment. I quickly realised I had found my way back.

I had a telephone consultation with Lawrence Gold and we discussed my problems and the best way for me to do the Somatic movements. I am proud to say I am now back to my normal self. I love doing Somatics and enjoy the feeling of moving my body around in a more graceful way. Of course the most important thing is the pain relief which is absolutely amazing.

A very big Thank you to Lawrence Gold, Thomas Hanna and the Internet.

Janette Court

* NOTE: "A Way to End Your Own Pain" has been replaced by "The Guidebook of Somatic Transformational Exercises" (POINT and CLICK to preview.)

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