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The Gold Key Release: Mentoring

Clients of self-renewal programs:

Before sending in a question, you may view the introductory segments your program has, that answer questions about how to follow the program, how to do its exercises, expected results, and "what to do if ..." practice guidelines. You may get your answer faster than by awaiting my response or by scheduling a paid session for questions that have already been answered in the materials. Questions asked by email or phone call without a scheduled consultation, that have been answered in the introductory segments, may result in your being billed for a consultation.

You'll like it.


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    CONSULTATION | includes (as appropriate for the option selected)
    • written notes
    • audio or video recordings of consultation call
    • recommendation(s) for self-relief program(s)
    • personal mentoring

    PAID OPTION: Consultation and Program Selected for Your Needs
    by Phone, Skype:
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    Clinical somatic education techniques work faster than standard therapeutics or somatic education exercises, alone. Gentle and paced for your comfort, clinical somatic education sessions are the easier and faster way to go.

    A partial list of conditions in which he has expertise can be found here. (If clicked, this page remains behind the window that opens.)

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    I will get you out of pain
    and back to the life you've lost.

    To Get to Feel and Function Well, Again, Even, in Most Cases If Pain Has Persisted Despite Therapy


    Lawrence Gold is one of the few trained by the developer of Hanna somatic education, Thomas Hanna, Ph.D.

    From 1997 to 1999, he practiced at The Wellness and Rehabilitation Center of Watsonville Community Hospital, Watsonville, California (letters of reference); articles he authored have appeared in The American Journal of Pain Management, The Townsend Letter for Doctors and elsewhere. He has trained new practitioners and provides advanced training to certified practitioners.

    In your consultation appointment, Lawrence will ask about your symptoms and history of injuries and surgeries. He will want to hear about (1) the exact locations of symptoms, (2) what happened during each incident of injury (in detail) and (3) all injuries in your lifetime, whether treated or not, whether considered "serious" or not. Old injuries leave residual effects that you may think are inconsequential but are sometimes the underlying cause of new pain, for reasons he will explain to you, if you wish. Please be as prepared as possible to answer these questions in advance of the call.

    Please be prompt. Barring extenuating circumstances, your allocated time starts at the appointed time.

    Please download, complete, and return the Functional Assessment form prior to your call. Click for the Functional Assessment form:

    Send the completed form attached to email: Correct-Purchase consultation.

    Single Appointment | TEN MINUTES | Please be prompt.

    $61.80 for a 10-minute consultation including written notes and/or audio/video recording (as appropriate) and self-relief program recommendation(s). Purchase program materials separately.

    To schedule, send email with transaction ID and three good times for you

    Single Appointment | TWENTY MINUTES | Please be prompt.

    $100.00 for a 20-minute consultation -- all else, the same as a 10-minute consultation.

    To schedule, send email with transaction ID and three good times for you

    Single Appointment | FORTY MINUTES | Please be prompt.

    $161.80 for a 40-minute consultation -- all else, the same.

    To schedule, send email with transaction ID and three good times for you

    Single "Determining What You Need" Appointment including Instructional Materials

    The fee is is $497.00 for up to a 40-minute consultation and a results-guaranteed program to extinguish your pain pattern, selected from published somatic education resources.

    To schedule, send email with transaction ID and three good times for you

    Lawrence Gold, greeting Live,

    with Lawrence Gold


    By the end of the mentoring period, your physical comfort and mobility will improve so much that the investment in mentoring will seem well-worth it -- or your money back.

    Unlimited Access (during normal working hours) by phone, Skype (with webcamera), recorded Google Hangout (private), eMail

    • Questions Answered, Your Unique Problems Solved
    • Customized Modifications of Standard Exercises
      to Handle Your Unique Situation, as Needed
    • Instructional Resources -- relevant to the condition for which you originally subscribed, for help -- included

    Mentoring subscription calls last as long as needed to get all questions answered and all mentoring done.

    If you experience anxiety, confusion or overwhelm about your condition and want to be closely guided as you clear it up, choose this option.

    1. You complete a Functional Assessment form.
    2. We go over your symptoms and history of injuries, together,
    3. I provide the needed somatic education exercise program(s).
    4. I coach you through each exercise, as needed.
    5. We stay in close touch as you work your way through the program.

    The results guarantee requires only that you follow practice recommendations diligently.

    Somatic education exercises typically produce results quickly. Two practice sessions are usually enough to distinctly feel the type of improvement that a particular exercise produces; seven sessions or so are generally enough to produce the full result for a given exercise: disappearance of pain and recovery of freedom of movement.

    Accordingly, I may start you on an exercise and ask you to check in after 2-3 practice sessions to make sure you are getting the intended results. I give you any specific guidance you may need.

    We stay in close touch to make sure you keep progressing.

    People typically need a program consisting of a number of exercises and sometimes more than one published program, all of which are included in the mentoring program.

    ADDITIONAL OPTION, upon request: instruction in The Diamond Penetration Technique, a way of doing somatic education exercises that magnifies their effectiveness and accelerates results, particularly useful with slowly improving conditions.

    NOTE: To qualify for ongoing personal mentoring, you must have read Somatics | ReAwakening the Mind's Control of Movement, Flexibility and Health, by Thomas Hanna (available through and at many public libraries).

    unlimited video calls / emails

    $1500.00 every 4 weeks, until cancelled | instructional programs included
    Lifetime Satisfaction Refund Guarantee begins after completion of four weeks.
    Billing begins one week after tryout period begins.

    To cancel without charge, click before the second week begins.
    once-weekly video calls / plus up to nine questions answered by email

    $900.00 every four weeks until cancelled| instructional programs included
    Lifetime Satisfaction Refund Guarantee begins after completion of four weeks.
    Billing begins one week after tryout period begins.

    To cancel without charge, click before the second week begins.

    At-location Service -- Clinical Somatic Education

    At-location Service provides one-on-one appointments with Lawrence Gold using the clinical somatic education techniques he employed during his time on staff at Watsonville Community Hospital Wellness and Rehabilitation Center (1997-1999 - click for professional references). These techniques produce substantially faster improvements than somatic education exercises, alone (which work far better than conventional therapeutic exercises), and complement (greatly accelerate) or replace all other therapeutic modalities for chronic, non-malignant musculo-skeletal pain and stress-related disorders.

    For information on At-location Service, you may click here.

    The Gold Key Release Stress-Reduction Process -- and other TetraSeed Transformation Procedures to Deprogram Yourself and Sharpen Your Intelligence

    Has the stink of The News got you down? too much stress from a world gone too crazy? Are you afraid about the future?

    Would you like a way to disarm stress? to recover from stress faster, at will? to recover your composure when things fall apart? to bring your creative faculties on-line when they are most needed instead of losing your mind and running on emotional reactions? to deprogram yourself from insane cultural conditioning? Would you like to be able to get unstuck and reinvent yourself?

    Learn and practice TetraSeed Transformation procedures.

    The TetraSeed transformation procedures are life-changing keys to your own mind and life. They work by turning on and tuning up your faculties of intelligence: attention, intention, memory, imagination.

    Start by cleaning up and straightening out "#1" -- yourself. Then, follow your impulses -- and exercise your creativity better than before.

    The TetraSeed Transformation Procedures are more complete than, and accomplish the purpose of teachings such as, The Secret, Effortless Manifestation, The Sedona Method, The Work, and other self-transformational teachings (see this entry). They enable you to exercise your intelligences in an upgraded way. For a limited time, request a free, fifteen-minute session, here. Even one practice session is telling.


    • insights into why your life has gone the way it has

    • self-liberation from lifelong conditioning -- increasing natural ease, spontaneous freedom and graceful responsiveness

    • ability to exercise intelligence better than before

    • development of practical wisdom

    • more satisfactory spontaneous responses to trying situations

    • quicker recovery from stress and better temperament

    Feeling especially challenged, in life? Guess what.

    Learn More

    10 Months | unlimited live-on-line sessions / emails

    Primarily for Students of the Tetraseed Transformation Procedures


    • The Gold Key Release to release yourself from The Dungeon of Forever Life-Limitations
      Free yourself from entrapment by situations in life -- or your own conditioning -- and set yourself up for spontaneous right action.

    • The Crystal Crown Procedure to get your mind firing on all cylinders
      Cultivate, restore, and enhance your integrity.

    • The Set-Up to prepare yourself to deconstruct deeply entrenched conditioning or to recover your composure when things go really badly
      Enhance your creativity and prepare yourself for change, when it looms before you.

    • The Middle-Way Memory-Matrix Ritual to get clarity about pairs of alternatives
      and to clarify confusion
      Make better decisions about what matters and recover access to missed options you couldn't see.

    • The Dilemma-Buster to dissolve hidden internal conflicts that get in your own way
      Expose and dissolve hidden tendencies to self-sabotage.

    • Thor's Hammer to pound your attention into, and overcome, lingering limitations
      Recognize the hidden tendencies that aim you into similar experiences and obliterate the residues of those tendencies.
    Learn how to uncover the hidden meanings of dreams and to use them for self-transformation.
    "Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious." ~~ Carl Jung

    TRIAL PERIOD. You may talk to me about it.

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    Santa Fe, NM

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