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a letter reprinted with the permission of Bill Sours

S ome time ago, approx. 4-5 months, I experienced the first relief and return to normal (extreme sports; surfing, etc. and computer work) activity after one and a half years of lower back pain and disability: All due to your referral to my Somatics practitioner, in Encinitas, CA, Richard Jordan.

My prior attempts at rehab. Included: 3 of the best chiropractors in the SF Bay area; a full series of steroid injections at the Pain Clinic at Sequoia Hospital; a microdisectomy (two discs) with a leading neurosurgeon; and finally, post-op physical therapy in Solana Beach (that almost crippled me (!). Expensive, painful and time-consuming procedures-----------------------------all to no effect.

Needless to say Somatics saved my life.

Besides thanking you (ALTHOUGH I COULD NEVER DO THAT ENOUGH) I have an additional request:

I have a podiatrist friend, Travis, 50 years old and very active: surfer skier, etc. who is getting ready to under the knife for neck pain and numbness in his hands. He has been diagnosed with: degenerative disk disease, arthritis of the facet joints, and closing of the spinal forania [foramena]. His surgeon plans a fusion.

Awhile back, he and his fiancÚ strongly discouraged me from my unsuccessful back surgery, I wish now I had taken their advice. I am trying to do the same for him now via a referral to Somatics.

May I ask you to e-mail him for advice on non-evasive procedure ie.-------Somatics?

Best regards,
Bill Sours

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