Until Attention Steadies . . . | A Simple Way to Potentize Somatic Education

This entry is about a simple technique for potentizing somatic exercises (and clinical pandiculation maneuvers).

In the recorded instructional programs I offer, I’ve put an instruction to “hold the moment of contraction long enough for the sensation of it to surface.”  The purpose of this instruction is to get people to put attention in what they’re doing — the basis of all learning — somatics being a learning practice for modifying dysfunctional patterns in the direction of health or soundness.

More recently, I remembered an instruction I gave to people I was teaching, years ago, that produces more profound results than merely waiting for sensation to surface.  The instruction is, “hold the contraction until attention steadies.”

I forgot this instruction because, in my own practice, for myself, this is how I naturally operated.  It never occurred to me that people need explicit instruction to steady their attention.

But it makes sense, doesn’t it?

To steady attention is a major missing link in all public education.  It’s sort of “hoped for”, but never explicitly taught.

So now, I am explicitly teaching it.

Any time you are practicing an exercise from a program of mine, hold the contraction phases of exercises until your attention steadies appreciably — meaning you can detect the steadying.

This action of steadying attention potentizies any somatic exercise and complements the variation of The Diamond Penetration Pandiculation Technique.  (That technique, itself, potentizes somatic exercises by focusing memory, making it possible to change deeply habituated patterns of tension and movement that have been unaffected or minimally affected by standard practice of somatic exercises.)

The Diamond Penetration Pandiculation Technique (so-named because it’s like a diamond-bit used to drill into rock) potentizes somatic exercises.  Getting attention to steady potentizes The Diamond Penetration Technique.

Test it with any somatic exercise you do.  Hold contractions until attention steadies, then slowly relax to complete relaxation.

The ‘proof’ of the ‘pudding’ is in the ‘eating’.

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