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Guided Instruction for Fast Relief

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Quick Help for Back Pain DVD Quick Help for Back Pain
Back Muscle Training for Lower Back Pain
a quickly effective program for for nagging back pain

Hanna Somatics Gold

by Lawrence Gold

Immediate improvement in 30 minutes
Major improvement in 72 hours

With each repetition, this quick-help program relaxes the large muscles of your low back more, to reduce pain.

The proof of the pudding
is in the eating.

"I understand that the money-back results-guarantee has no time limit -- and that this program is designed to relieve moderate lower back pain quickly. For more severe back pain, I understand that a program such as Get Free from That Back Pain may be needed -- and that what I've paid, here, would be credited, in full, toward such a purchase."

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$85.90 (Item #307e)

Buy during this visit and get this FREE bonus download:
Spine Waves, a somatic exercise from Get Free from That Back Pain


$53.00 (Item #307)

Buy during this visit and get this FREE bonus download:
Spine Waves, a somatic exercise from Get Free from That Back Pain

4/27/2010 7:22 AM

Dear Mr. Gold,

I have watched the videos (both 12, and 17 minute programs) and have been doing the exercises for two days now. The relief is nothing short of amazing. I haven't even gotten around to using the bonus material and the pain in my back and the related pain in my rear and left leg is almost completely gone. I've tried lots of exercises and other things in the past, but nothing has worked as well as these simple movement patterns. Thank you very much for making these materials available.

Alex Granzin

Lynne Torre commented on your post:

"You gave me back my life through Somatics and I often think of you and thank you. This 12 minute video is brilliant. "

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photos of Craig Fink 4/27/2010 7:22 AM, Craig Fink wrote:

in 2001 I had a horse rear up and tip over backwards folding me up like a bill fold , breaking L3 and L4 and pinching my spinal cord just hard enough for my legs to be paralyzed for a period of time (a few hours). They were cracked and not displaced. After 4 days, when I asked the doc if I was going to walk again, he could not say. Make a long story short, I am walking. The break is not what hurt. It was the resulting muscle spasms. No one can tell me I have weak back muscles. Reading what you say" the thousand natural shocks flesh is heir to" sounds like a life story for my back.

Last June was the last time my back spasm'd. Onto the floor and couldn't walk because of the severe pain associated with the spasm. When I managed to get to the computer I did a search on back muscle spasms and I came across your site. I implemented the emergency back pain procedure you have and instead of 3 days without doing hardly anything, it was down to about 3 hours. Needless to say, I am impressed. It still took a few days before I got a lot of strength back because I felt the muscles were totally fatigued because of the spasm they just went through.

Since that time, when I feel the muscles starting to tighten up over a period of time I implement the same exercises and have been able to ward off any spasm.

photos of Craig Fink I am here today because recently, a friend of my is having some pretty severe back problems and he's already been to a doctor who tells him there is nothing wrong with his joints or bones. Therefore I referred him to your site.

Craig Fink


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